At Empire Exotic Car Rental of Atlanta, we only rent performance and luxury vehicles of the highest quality. We strive to give you an experience unlike any other, not only providing a wide selection of exotic car rentals, but also customer service beyond compare. If we have you driving like royalty, we believe you should be treated like royalty as well! Our mission is to provide our clients with the most amazing experience possible by constantly expanding our selection and services. Our strong core values are centered around exceeding your expectations.Empire Exotic Car Rental is here to make your stay in the Atlanta Area the best one yet!


A lot of customers wonder: “what’s the catch?” The thing is there is absolutely nothing that you are missing. Everything that you need to know is made available here on this website. We do not have any hidden fees and believe in complete transparency from day one.

Customer Service

At Empire Exotic Car Rental, we believe that every customer deserves 100% satisfaction.  Every customer is special to us and we strive to make your experience in renting an exotic car something you’ll never forget because our motto is “We make dreams come true”!


When renting an exotic car, value is probably the last thing that comes to your mind. But we know this business and give our very best to give you unmatchable service and experience at the most affordable prices possible. Your trust in our service is what drives us. Unlike some other companies out there, we will not charge you just for showing up 15 minutes late.


It’s likely that you already know the exotic car you are looking for before you get in touch with us to rent one. However, it really doesn’t hurt to have a wide variety of options available at your disposal either. We offer the best exotic and luxury cars produced by the best automobile manufacturers in the industry. From Ferrari to Porsche to Lamborghini and Mercedes – we have them all here at Empire Exotic Car Rental of Atlanta.


We are a completely licensed and insured exotic car rental company. We don’t hide anything about us and nor is there any need to. Our business is operated following the required legal rules and regulations. Sure, it costs us a bit more than our liking, but it will ensure we are here to provide you with our service for a long time to come.


We love cars. We do this because it’s a part of who we are. Plus, we just love the expression of our clients when we hand them over the keys to their desired exotic car.
“We make Dreams Come True”