Each rental is allowed to travel within Georgia.
You are not allowed to leave the State of Georgia with a rental from Empire Exotic Car Rental, LLC., without prior notice.

We do however do to high demand and increasing expectations we tend to have a fleet rotation. For any inquiries for vehicles that do not appear on our website please contact us at (770)927-4500.

The cars are pictures of the stated models, exact model and color may vary depending on availability of our fleet.

We deliver to all the major hotels and homes in the Atlanta Area for an additional $100.00 (includes delivery and pick-up). Please contact us directly for deliveries to Atlanta and the surrounding areas. 

Request a Reservation

Empire Exotic Car Rental has a user-friendly reservation request system. After properly competing our requirements, you will be contacted by a member of our team, in order to achieve further action. The you will receive a follow up email with confirmation for your rental dates, lengths, and vehicle preferences.

Empire Exotic Car Rental, LLC shows you our current fleet. When you select a luxury or exotic rental and click on the calendar, you will choose what days and hours you would like to rent the specific vehicle, and send a request to our staff. A reservation staff member will contact you to confirm the reservation and collect the deposit.

Empire Exotic Car Rental is the easiest way to rent luxury or exotic cars. We only charge the amount of the rental price displayed or discussed.
However a mandatory deposit is required for any vehicle to be issued. Note that all deposit amounts will be released after a full inspection of the vehicle(s).

If you are not from the USA or you don’t have US Domestic full coverage auto insurance, it is a minimum additional charge of $149.00 US Dollars per driver for your rental period. This VLR insurance policy has a $5,000.00 US Dolllars deductible in case of an accident and you are at fault.

If you would like to switch rentals between friends/group during your rental period, please contact us directly as this insurance policy is minimum $199.00 US Dollars per driver and must be ordered and booked via phone.

American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa Credit or Debit Cards.*However note that Debit Cards cannot be leveraged as deposits

US, Canada and International Drivers Licenses are accepted

25 years or older with proof of auto insurance from the states (USA).
25 years or older if you need insurance or your drivers license is not from the United States.
Drivers under the age of 25 will be considered under various factors. Insurance/License, Deposit, Additional underage fee, etc.